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Valentin Bauer, Adrian Lichnowski, Theresa Noeke

Design Description

This is the "Worldplanter". Its simple timeless design underlines the claim to be used globally and to meet all imaginable environmental influences and spatial areas of application. The material is 100% recycled plastic. The rubber offers a perfect mixture of stability and flexibility. The design is very simple and can be implemented by everyone on this earth. The "Worldplanter" consists of three parts: Two sidewalls of different radius and a floor mat. The floor mat has two sealing rings into which the sidewalls are inserted. Due to a perfect fit this connection is tight. The edge can now be filled with every conceivable material available on site, whether water, gravel or desert sand. The "Worldplanter" can be disasse,bled easily and moved to a different site. The interior is then prepared with nutrient-rich substrate for tree planting. This simple and stable construction allows the tree planting at any location, because the double-walled structure insulates and protects the roots of the tree. The edge can be used in different ways: In public areas the edge can be closed and used for sitting, in private areas for example a ring for composting with worms can be inserted in the double-wall to compost any kind of organic waste. The resulting humus can then be used again as fertiliser for the tree. The "Worldplanter" is inexpensive, easy to manufacture and, due to its minimalist design and simple construction, can be afforded and used all over the world. Let us plant the world together!

How will your design encourage more people or cities to grow trees?

This Design makes planting simple, affordable and does not allow excuses for location or maintenance. The materials used are recycled and now reused in a sustainable way. The "Worldplanter" makes it possible to plant anywhere, regardless of the soil or space usage, because it is very resistant. It can be delivered in different sizes and fits everywhere, regardless of the available space.

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