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El Khadiri Salma Khammal Ihssan Mbarki Ikram

Design Description

We wanted to work on two of the most polluting fields: transportation and building. The idea was to have a design that could be replicated all over the world, exceeding boundaries. The environmental problem is global, as should be the solution to it. Our design, the Arborise project, is a universal transportable garden composed of a used shipping container of which two sides and the top were replaced with factory style glass panels and which needs everyone’s actions to function properly. Filled with enough soil to sustain the growth of trees and other greenery, the container will be placed instead of a wagon in a train while trees are planted. After Arborise contains enough saplings to offer a beautiful scenery, it is then transported by trucks that can be seen all around the city, and placed in high-density neighbourhoods with a low ratio of public green spaces for the trees to be taken care of. All the movements of Arborise in and out of the city contributes to arouse citizens’ interest and curiosity for the project. For practical reasons, the top of the container will be removed and replaced with a glass top for a greenhouse effect while the trees are small to encourage their growth, then the top will be removed to allow trees to grow freely towards the sky.

How will your design encourage more people or cities to grow trees?

Citizens won't have to pay train tickets to travel in the Arborise, they just need to buy and plant a sapling provided by collaborative farms and sold in train stations. Participating in having a greener environment is a small price, allowing participants to feel engaged. In cities, Arborise would be put next to each other, making neglected spaces greener. The main preoccupation is for the trees to be taken care of. When a citizen water the plants or remove weeds, he will obtain a discount coupon for local shops teaming up with Arborise’s movement: everyone’s participation matters to change world.

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