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Surya Teja Kolla Ishita Ghosh

Design Description

Children have higher empathy from a very young age and the character, toy or animal to which they get attached to when they are young gets rooted deeply in their mind as they get old. The design of the planter mimics a creature with a plant growing on top of it and correspond to the plant's condition through facial expressions displayed on the screen of the pot. The planter displays the data of the plant in terms of visual feedback and allows the child to witness the growth of their plant up close and interact with it. As time passes by and the plant grows, it is either moved to a garden or public space and planter would help to record the latitude and longitude of the plant. The child who is now an adult can go back to visit his/her childhood plant with which they spent their childhood taking care of. The design of the planter reflects minimalism, this adds a futuristic aspect to the planter and to solidify the notion that technology is complementary to nature and should help to enhance the experience with nature.

How will your design encourage more people or cities to grow trees?

The design is focused on children and encourages them to interact and develop a bond with plants as they take care of them and observe the various emotions of the plants based on the physical interactions and environmental factors. This would create an empathetic bond between the child and the plant and allow the child to grow up with a notion of considering plants like any other living beings and take care of them, paving the path to a future where humans are more considerate of the plant kingdom.

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