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Eva Orpel Julian Treffler Ida Wild

Design Description

The hexagonal design of the plant pot is a modern and functional design for the city of the future. Visually the „Movin‘ Tree Pot“ is a perfect addition to any modern city and thanks to its size it fits into any home garden. The pots are planted with small trees and perennials that are suitable for urban climates. Optionally addable wooden benches increase the attractiveness of the design and offer a place to stay in crowded and overheated cities. The design adapts to the constantly changing cities and offers a multifunctional use that can be set up for the future in the cities of tomorrow. Thanks to the hexagonal shape, interesting groups can be put together, from the individual pot through an alley-like effect to seating groups or larger planting islands. The local conditions can be adopted and used individually. The special highlight of the "Movin 'Tree Pot" is its flexibility. A light structure, the angular shape, and the feet of the planting pot enable it to be moved quickly and easily. The planting can be adapted in a very short time depending on use and space requirements and adjusts to the respective event, if required. No city therefore has to do without trees because of small space or conflicts of use. An indispensable part of the cityscape in cities that are getting ever fuller and hotter. The "Movin 'Tree Pot" – tomorrow also in your city?

How will your design encourage more people or cities to grow trees?

Cities are getting bigger, denser, and more overheated. There is no more space for regular plantings, although they are essential for a good city climate and the cityscape. In the modern city, trees have to be rethought and alternative plantings developed for the cities. The keyword is multifunctional. This design meets exactly these requirements. Formally, the pot fits into any modern cityscape, shady rooms are created, each pot is movable and easy to move and the trees are subordinate to the use at any time. Surface-sealing and tree-felling due to shortsighted planning are a thing of the past.

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