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Tong Ke

Design Description

How to define a natural environment is not between humanity and animal behaviors only. Within the age of the Anthropocene,certain human activities such as city zoning, building construction, daily circulation and so on, have accidentally created the city ecologist system with less animal and plant involve. This design intent to explore a possible space to plant temporary forests that created some of the richest biodiversity. There is one thing I need to identify: what we do is not to build trees but to create soil land for trees to root. The design is to propose vertical soil thus modify the city bio-system. By increasing the contact face to speed up the Carbon sequestration, Soil conservation, Water storage rates.

How will your design encourage more people or cities to grow trees?

The material is easy to obtain. For example log pile, bentonite, diatomite, pine sawdust and mesh to fix the shape. This vertical wall could replace the yard cover wall or any wall with private reason to stop directly eye contact. The wall will be functional very much. After locating the wall in a certain place, it will start processing and modifying the micro eco-system. We could expect mushrooms reaching out of the vertical wall to say hello.

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