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Kitti Biró Andrea Hauser Dorottya Kopányi Zsuzsanna Moussong

Design Description

We are a team of four landscape architecture students at Szent István University in Budapest, Hungary. Due to our profession, we encounter the problem of the lack of urban green spaces every day: the high number and density of buildings do not allow for large green areas in the city. We have designed this multifunctional planter with this problem in mind. Our design not only allows trees to be planted in public areas but also has seating surfaces, a table and bike storage. In addition, we have placed a transparent box underneath the table containing Ginkgo biloba (a particularly good city-tolerant species) seeds. The information board next to the installation shows details about the correct planting of the seed. At the touch of a button, one seed falls into the delivery jar, which the user can take away and, due to its small size even carry in their pocket. The shape of our design is a trapezoid with rounded edges, containing a large planter box for trees. There is a seating surface on one of the longitudinal sides of the trapezoid, in which a small table is incorporated. Below this is the transparent plexiglass box with the seeds. The seating area continues on the short side in a bicycle storage space for three bikes. The furniture is made of powder-painted steel, the seat and table surface are covered with weather-resistant hardwood strips. It can be fitted into any busy public space in any European city with its rounded shapes and contemporary design.

How will your design encourage more people or cities to grow trees?

The information board draws people’s attention to the importance of greening the city. With the help of infographics, it explains why planting trees is essential to the future of our planet. It also contains a user manual for the seed box and describes how to properly plant the Ginkgo biloba seeds and care for the saplings. In this way, both the city and its people are encouraged to plant trees. The city, because the furniture suits more needs at the same time – planter, seating, table and bicycle storage – and people, since the seeds are available to everybody.

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