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United Kingdom

Aaishwarya Jain

Design Description

The United Kingdom uses 7 million disposable coffee cups every day, that's 2.5 billion every year. The design takes reinvents the single use cups to encourage people to grow trees. The cup is redesigned to be compostable with a seed embedded into its lid. A variety of seeds are embedded to create diversity and provide a choice to the user. As public transport is widely used in United Kingdom, planter boxes are clamped on to the existing bus stops. A person can just dump the compostable cup into the planter box on their journey. The zig-zag design of the stand ensures that each planter box receives adequate sunlight and rain. As the annual precipitation average is quite high in United Kingdom, the planters receive adequate water on their own. The glass with seeds not only decomposes into the soil but, soon plants start growing. The stand is a symbol of hope, encouraging people to reduce, compost and educating people to be mindful of their waste. It is a reminder that each small act counts. The signs on the planter boxes serve as a symbol of awareness for children. The MNC’s are forced to redesign their coffee cups and create a sense of accountability as they can create a big impact on our carbon footprint by creating zero-waste products.

How will your design encourage more people or cities to grow trees?

The design not only encourages people to grow trees on their journey with minimum hassle but, also includes the topic of reusing waste. The design by utilising the location of the bus stop which is a public space in the city, becomes a symbol for growing trees. It can create a wave of change among citizens, children and companies. The design also encourages people to know about different types of plants by offering them a variety of seeds.

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