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In the future, regardless of the type of fuel, cars also need daily and long-term maintenance. With the growing temp of life, the city needs to offer to car owners services that are always "at hand", so the density of service points in the urban environment should be quite high.Car service points, such as gas stations and repair stations (in their current form) are sources of noise and dirt. In addition, they have a plenty large exclusion zone. All this affects the formation of the urban environment, but does not make it more friendly and useful."Jelly car scouring" is the technology of the future, the main function of which is the safe cleaning of cars.In the future, we learned to handle the planet with care and conserve its resources, therefore, in the process of cleaning cars, water is not used, but non-conductive reused jelly material that does not damage the cabin and internal equipment of the car (computers and electronics). The noise level of such cleaning points is minimized, since all the necessary pumps are located underground. These pressure pumps feed the gel into a large storage tank located on the roof of the trading pavilion. From the storage tank, under its own weight, the gel splits through the distribution tubes into four posts (eight places). Each post has its own small storage tank for stabilizing the gel supply pressure to the car and air conditioning for heating and cooling the gel at different times of the year (in Siberia, seasonal temperature changes range from -350 to +350). Then the gel is collected in underground tanks, where it goes through several degrees of clearance. The gel is again used for cleaning cars, and the waste and dust accumulate in a separate compartment and are took away by vacuum pumping to recycle.Such an enterprise saves jobs (maintenance, upkeep, related trade and services, such as charging electric cars, customer service, etc) and updates them according to the needs of the future.

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