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Think out of the box at the ‘human reload’. Frank is working as industrial designer in a soberly office space. Sometimes, he feels that the office space prohibits all chances for creative thoughts and an open mind for new ideas. It’s raining outside. A feeling of breaking free overcomes him, he is yearning for inspiration and energy. To change his surrounding, he takes his notebook and walks to the ‘human reload’ station with the small vertical axis wind turbine in front of it. A year ago, this ancient gas station just around the corner was metamorphosed and became a fresh and surprisingly new appearance, with the human in focus.

Frank is relaxing at the table with a coffee and a fresh made sandwich full of local ingredients. He looks around and notice the structure of the converted gas station with the two concrete walls and the oval roof. The former gas station is situated in the city of Lucerne in a context of office- and craft buildings. The reorganization has created a new meeting place and an upgrading of the district. Social contact and the conversations with each other gave Frank new inspiration. Just a while thinking out of the box with the chance to reload in an unusual ambience.

Two chargers provided with alternative power are situated right beside the ‘human reload’ for the ride sharing cars. The ‘human reload’ also gives the chance to wait weather-protected at the meeting point for the ride sharing’s. The clouds are disappeared in the meantime and the sun shines through the window glasses. Frank grabs the cup of coffee and walks up on the new spiral staircase to the roof-pergola which is giving the city another small chance of revegetation. Frank sits down, listens to the rustling of the leaf’s, opens his notebook and continues to work with a pleased facial expression.

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