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Universita degli Studi di Pavia

The project evolves around the idea that the gas station of the future doesn’t involves gas anymore. The direct consequence is that there won’t be any heating, noise or fire risks. So why don’t we rethink the distribution of it all? Electric vehicles charging points and services can stay closer to get a greater use of the area. Also, charging times are forecast to be longer and EV owners may feel better being in visual contact with their vehicle while they are entertained in an attached enclosed space. This reasoning is the leading streamline of this project. The design is inspired by the context itself.The structure is made of a precast biodegradable 3D printed material that form a single unit. The unit can be repeated as many times as to occupy the width of the station. Every unit is composed by a core and 2 charging points units. The roof shape is thought to get the most of sunlight and transfer it to the pumps through the structure, the inclination allows natural lighting to get into the interiors and to let water flow to a pipe that recollects rainwater and reuses it as grey water. The small plants roots catch bigger rejects and avoid pipes obstruction. Circulation is all around the block formed by the units and its reduced to minimum. The floor is responsive and signals the presence of cars at the charging units.Footprint is maximized to respond to the new need: what needs to be designed is not gas pumps anymore but time. The that is used by the vehicles to be charged and how EV Owners can get the most of it.

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