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According to upcoming electric car revolution, the question of what will the future Gas Station be like is a MUST. Regarding to this controversy our I+D Lab developed an enhancing concept for actual gas stations. Noticing the current tendency to lower the use of private cars in urban areas, we include two different user profiles, vehicle owners and rental or shared car users. Therefore, current gas stations will be turned into transfer hubs that will include shared and rental car services, recharging areas for private car users and commercial and recreation areas with plenty of green spaces where customers will be able to relax and stay while charging their cars.Today´s gas stations’ underground storage system for liquid fuels is no longer needed; consequently, it will be replaced with an underground parking level where re-charging system will be located. This system will be complemented with power generation by the movement of the car on the floor. In this way, we are able to convert ground area into new green spaces turning our design into a sustainable Project following the triple bottom line: people, profit, and planet. Shared autonomous cars will have their own path marked entering through one side of the shop to be elevated to the roof to be re-charged and supplied with maintenance services that will be developed by the current employees of the actual stations trained accordingly to new technologies. A commercial store will be placed turning into a waiting area provided with food services, co-working areas, automatic lockers for pick up and drop off as well as fitness and healthy products. Outdoor space will be turned into a public green playground given to the city and provided with rainwater recollection storage to be re-used. Children playground and exercise training spaces will also be part of this outer space, generating the power needed to enlighten this area by the users own movements while exercising.Chosen materials will be translucent, flexible and able to capture solar energy but also allowing the penetration of natural light into the interior of the building intensifying chromatic usage taken to highlight the signage of the project as well as advertisements, brands and logos of the company. To conclude, new gas stations will offer users and citizens of urban areas new green and sustainable areas that will promote new activities, recreation and meeting points for reunion as well as working as transfer centers providing a new environment for shared mobility systems that will reduce substantially the use of private cars in the cities.

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