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What will the gas station of the future look like? How will it work? What do we need to provide in order for it to evolve? How will these stations change the way we travel, commute, and daily life…? And will the family-run businesses be able to keep developing at the same pace as new technologies?

Time is a key element taking part in these new charging stations. We have moved from the conventional drive-through quick arrangement to a much longer fill-up process. The time which an electric car requires to load up spans from 30 minutes to 12 hours.  Therefore, we shall provide customers with enough services and a wider range of experiences in addition to what currently exists. We are fully aware that most gas stations are family-run businesses, so our proposal intends to have as little impact in their economy as possible.

With these guidelines we aim to maintain the existing structure (columns, beams, roof and grocery store) while placing an add-on structure where Pods will be hung from.

The current shop remains as a grocery / supermarket / check-in for the Pod’s facility. These businesses will still be profitable in light of the new features and services the station will be offering to their customers. As for the charging stations, we have designed space for 5 times more electric cars to fill up at a single time.

The different services drivers will be able to experience while charging their car are as follows:
- Sleeping pod: tired after such a long drive? Take a nap in one of the fancy capsules this station has already arranged for you.
- Co-working Space:  Who said charging and working was not compatible? Plug yourself into one of our co-working capsule spaces and become part of the new hub of networkers.
- Screening capsule: Want to catch up with the latest Hollywood blockbusters? Lay back while you are at it!
- KTV Pod: Didn´t make it to America´s Got Talent? Tune up and hone down the latest details before hitting the stage
- Work-out capsule:  There are no longer excuses for you not to sweat. Mingle with other drivers who are into fitness as much as you are
- Family pod: Need some privacy for you and your loved ones?  Chill out at one of our private capsules with all the comforts of a hotel room.
Coffee capsule: Layover at the station for a quick recharge? Fill yourself up with a good cup of Joe in the coffee pod.

The future for adaptive and sustainable gas stations lies here in the shape of a sturdy roof where capsules fly underneath, solar cells lie above, and green grows through.

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