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Politecnico Di Milano

The idea for the project was generated by being exposed to the change. Technology is always improving, so do we, the people that use it. Even architecture evolved and its evolving still, for this reason i chose the style of the station to be more futuristic. The style represents the future, the white color represents the pure, the benefits of less Co2 and more oxygen, it's like we create something that the nature wouldn't mind or harm,the red translucent glass is a combination with a pure white structural trusses that all of them factors represent the union, the relation between building and nature, the dynamic shape represents of the rapid growth of technology, also it acknowledges the interpolation between teck and architecture. Afterall we have to find a thin line between those to. The world, us  is using everyday more the electronic cars, but as every type of car it needs the sources to run, therefore as the use changes, in this case the care, it also changes the environment, specially the places we interact and use.
The trusses flow like liquids on each of them organic steel shape columns which end with a functional cylinder in which electronic cars can charge, there is enough distance between the columns that provide every area around it and inside functional.
The height of the building is in harmony with the context, which means one every site we can clearly see that it doesn't block the sight to the buildings around it. It adapts the old for the new, for the better,faster,ecological...
The parametric spheres as final represents the micro-connection between electrical particles in which we indirectly want to conclude
that electronic transportation will and is the revolution in our time.

Therefore, welcome to the future.

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