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Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk

While looking for a solution for this project, I focused on the future not so distant. The future that awaits us within about 30-40 years. I assume that by then most people will already have electric cars and ordinary fuel will be forgotten.

The place I chose is a gas station in Cisna in the Polish Bieszczady Mountains. People who come here are people going to the mountains or returning from them.

My assumption was to transform an existing gas station so as to adapt it to the change that will come, but also without generating huge costs for the owner of the station.

The solution I used was to expand the shelter under which there would be parking spaces for charging vehicles from high-voltage lines. I changed the interior from a typical shop into a resting place for passers-by. While waiting for the car to charge, they can use the sofas, kitchen or shower. They will also find there a cuopboard with the necessary tools in case of car failure. This use of space fits perfectly into the mountain atmosphere, where passers-by need to prepare for the further journey or hiking. The entire building is powered by solar panels on the roof.

The gas station is operated by a mobile application that gives the user (after prior registration / verification) access to the car charging points and to use what is inside the building.

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