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Razi University of Kermanshah

Design process:


Needs estimates






A. Population growth leads to energy crisis.

B. People become more alone over time.


Effective elements in design:



Existing building:




A. More generation of renewable resources

B. Further social interaction

Design goals:

A. Designing an energy bank to generate electricity for current use, in addition to store energy in batteries to be used by surrounding and neighbors if needed.

B. Designing a place for social interaction to attract people for rest and pause; Services provided to the people include:

- A roofed space for sit or stand

- Mini-bar

- City information

- Advertising

- Possibility of charging mobile-phones and other electronic devices


Tools used for energy generation all together will create an energy cycle. Auxiliary tools such as solar panels directly support electricity generation.

Water stored in the storage tank located underground conducts to upper levels. In the collector tower, heat gained from solar collectors turns water to steam. Steam conducts toward steam turbines and generates electricity. This steam conducts toward underground pipes and there condenses. The obtained water again enters the cycle.

There are two types of concentrating collectors:

Central receiver concentrators to supply the cycles’ heat demand and parabolic trough concentrators to heat the rooms.

This cycle always remains and never stops.

Some part of the total generated energy supports the life of the cycle and some stores. Storage occurs in places underground level named energy pit.

The whole energy cycle and its installations are located underground and on roof level. The old entrance from east is kept in new design because of main street access. Cars’ loop contains three sides of site. It has 35cm different height from pedestrian loop for safety. The mentioned cars’ loop is in vicinity of car repair shop that creates job opportunities. The boundary between human and cars is filled with green belt. The roofed space under solar collectors and panels is prepared for the people to come and pause. There are two monitors for advertising and city information. We have spaces for people to sit, talk and pedal. Mechanical energy generated from pedaling changes into electricity and stores. To encourage people doing more exercise, a free drink will be given to those who pedal for 5 minutes. The hot water pipes located underground cause the place not to get too cold in winters.

Tools and methods:

A: Gas station elements:

1.        Underground fuel tank:

•        For water storage used in cycle.

2.        Pump:

•        For water conduction with pressure in cycle.

3.        Installations pipes:

•        For water transfer which circulates in cycle.

4.        Roof:

•        For locating PV panels and solar collectors.

5.        Rooms:

•        Use as minibar.

•        Use as electric cars’ repair shop.

B: Natural elements:

1.        Water:

•        Use as fluid in energy generation cycle.

2.        Sun:

•        Use in PV panels for electricity generation.

•        Use in Solar collectors for heat supply for steam generation.

3.        Geothermal:

•        Use for condensate steam.

C: Human:

•        Mechanical energy supply using pedal.

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