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Coronavirus Design Competition

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Edoardo Montevidoni

Polytechnic of Milan

ID: 842

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ID: 842
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The international pandemic of the COVID-19 virus is affecting all people of every nation and social rank. We live in a historical moment in which we are forced to live with the virus. We have to live with it every moment of our daily lives from when we wake up in the morning to when we go to bed. The virus has become an integral part of our lives.
After the most extreme lockdown moments when we were not allowed to leave the house, the collective direction now is to find hybrid solutions where we can go out, but with special attention to precautions. In this reality, personal protection tools such as masks become fundamental. You have to wear them as much as possible or at least it becomes mandatory to wear them when you need them when you meet assemblies of people, to protect yourself and others.
In this scenario the goal of the project is to convert objects that are already part of everyday life and our lives into objects that will also have the function of individual protection against the COVID-19 virus.
So that if necessary they can be transformed into wearable masks to protect themselves against the COVID virus.  
Thus, a hat has been designed with FFP3 fabric on the back, the material of which the medical masks that protect against the virus are made. The hat can be worn in two ways, normally or in mask mode: in mask mode it becomes a real personal protective device against the COVID-19 virus, the fabric of the lower part overlaps with the fabric of the front, hooking with fastening systems becoming unique parts. In addition, adjustable laces allow to fix and make the mask beautifully fixed to the respiratory evie.

Edoardo MontevidoniEdoardo MontevidoniEdoardo MontevidoniEdoardo Montevidoni

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