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Coronavirus Design Competition

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Carl A. Smith

The University of Arkansas

ID: 813

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ID: 813
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In an exercise of meta-design, I offer some thoughts on design paradigms that might become increasingly useful, and relevant within our current context of significant restrictions to time outdoors, social distancing, and increased challenges to collaborative face-to-face discussion. The tactics I present here stem from the possibilities of solitary and intuitive reflection; a reunion with nature after the enforced estrangement of lockdown; drawing outdoors; and a sharpened sense of wonder as we begin to re-discover our estranged post-COVID landscapes.

I believe that in a time of social distancing; limits on student group-thought; removal from, sense-of-loss of, and then reconciliation with, the landscape; and an increasing reliance on self-discovery and design-intuition, there are proven and useful tactics to encourage and inculcate relevant design skills and dispositions.

It is my hope that, in placing value in values and belief in beliefs, the design process can pen up to become a more joyful act for architects, landscape architects, and others who face a new normal in site investigation. Furthermore, I believe that by encouraging an ecological conscience within those tasked with designing public space, that same-sense of reconnection to the world will imbue our post-COVID places.

Carl A. SmithCarl A. SmithCarl A. SmithCarl A. Smith

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