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Coronavirus Design Competition

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Episode Studio

ID: 805

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Voting Ends: Jun 22, 2020
ID: 805
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Gali is a daybed that we created during our design studies at ECAL. This project is all the more relevant in this current context. It invites us to rethink common uses in a playful way and see quarantine in a more positive light.

Gali can make remote working more comfortable, can accompany you during a skype meeting, a drink with friends or a breakfast in bed. It allows you to find pleasant positions to read, watch a movie, or just take a nap.
You can rest on it or use its big cushions like a construction game to shape your bed space.

There is plenty of ways to use or combine them together to match every situation and bring joyful colors into your everyday life !
Gali invites everybody, adults and children, to use their imagination to serve their well- being.

It's an object that pleases both the body and the mind.
We think it's a good way to convince people to stay at home, if we can help their home to be more welcoming, comfortable and playful.

Episode StudioEpisode StudioEpisode StudioEpisode Studio

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