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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Roberto Palencia

ID: 510

Designer's Choice Award

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Voting Ends: Jul 22, 2019
ID: 510
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1. Tower: Roofing constructed with silver steel. Example: High quality aluminum lasts up to 90 years Titanium zinc lasts for 75 years, stainless steel = copper lasts 80 years. Exclusive and extravagant - that's the look of titanium zinc roofs. This metallic material consists to more than 99% of zinc, but gains even better processing properties by a minimum of titanium admixture. The elegant, blue-gray patina that forms on zinc makes the material extremely corrosion resistant. A zinc roof is maintenance-free and a real eye-catcher.2. Cross in the middle with black steel decorated with steel rings.3. A base of the tower in a semicircle is in bronze color.4. Roof in metal silver, front bronze struts.

Roberto PalenciaRoberto PalenciaRoberto PalenciaRoberto Palencia

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