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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Zeyu Cai & Sibei Li

ID: 452

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ID: 452
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Notre dame witnesses the Paris history for over 800 years. It burns, it survives, and it co-breathes with the ever-changing world. Every time the disaster left its impress upon Notre Dame and that became an indelible part of the history. We believe the 2019 fire will give Notre dame a nirvana and marked a new era.The new spire is interpreted into poly mirrors, gently reflecting the context together with the mirror roof. Every moment, the building will have a new look, matching the changing urban environment. A strong connection among the building, the city and the time has been established by the dramatic reflection. A time capsule, designed to be open every half century, is floating at the top of the spire.

The magnetic levitation installation keeps the memory for the past and reserves the space for future story. New spire represents the memory, presence and hope of the human. Time capsule moves rhythmically up and down, breathing and beating together with the city. The inside reflection of the tower spire creates a city kaleidoscope. The vibrant glass dyes the light while the structure expresses the shadow. The beauty and logic of the Rose Window of Notre Dame is fully interpreted in the design.

In the center of the kaleidoscope is the floating time capsule. Through reflection, people can see the collage city around with the portrait of themselves at the focal point. The space and time tangled together in this illusory space. Here, people remind, people confess, people pray. The religious symbol now provides an open answer to the belief and hope for everyone. Now, it is the time to make the Paris Heartbeat come to life.

Zeyu Cai & Sibei LiZeyu Cai & Sibei LiZeyu Cai & Sibei LiZeyu Cai & Sibei Li

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