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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Masoud Siyadati

ID: 399

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ID: 399
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In the fire of the church, what was so precious was the burning of the vertical tower at the intersection of the cross-shaped roof, which collapse of the roof was the most painful part of event. And in the current design the main emphasis will be on it. Central element has a big cruciate shape, which supported by sinusoidal waves from four sides. These waves at the intersection start to move vertically and smoothly and they are like hands which help to hold the cross from all sides, furthermore for visual lead to the top of vertical element the width decreases when we go upward.Another aim in designing roof is to create a volume that associate the former Triangular cover. For this purpose there have used elements, which have connected to each other in a zigzag form Which ultimately creates a coherent and integrated/unified volume.In order to visitors have a great visual connection with the vicinity of the church, tried to utilize the minimum amount of covering on surfaces. The distance between two sinusoidal waves at the top of the roof lets people to see the cross from allover on the roof, moreover this distance will propel eyes toward the composition inspired from the color tonalities which are used in interior spaces, also this type of lighting separate new designed part of the church from the older. The pink color on the main vertical element helps the structure to show the most parts of itself by lighting at night.

Masoud SiyadatiMasoud SiyadatiMasoud SiyadatiMasoud Siyadati

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