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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Fedar Haroshka

ID: 375

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ID: 375
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The Ghost of the Notre-Dame.- As the most famous cathedral's construction was begun in 1160, I am sure we have no rights to make any visual changes to this brilliant architectural example. - We need to return all the details that were lost on the evening of 15 April 2019 to their authentic look. It must be restored.- I think we can allow to make minor changes to the surrounding.- My idea is to construct the observation tower in aim to help peoples to see the Cathedral from the differ angles. From the above.- It will help to attract more tourists, even those who saw it before.- The tower will be located outside the famous points for photographing and will not harm the views.- It can become the one more attraction point in Paris.Thank You.

Fedar HaroshkaFedar HaroshkaFedar HaroshkaFedar Haroshka

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