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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Silvia Zanetti

ID: 359

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ID: 359
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This project aims at creating a blend between the Cathedral’s Gothic architecture and the modern architecture of the reconstruction, lending to the spire a double function: aesthetic and technological.The spire has a star plant and its four support tips are like claws resting on the watersheds of the roof covering of the nave and transept where the statues of the twelve apostles originally stood.The pyramid-shaped volume preserves a strong vertical sweep given by the four faces, which taper upwards into a cross, symbol of Christianity. The cross is surrounded by ten spheres symbolising the Rosary in reference to the Holy Mary, to whom the Cathedral is dedicated.The structure is in stainless steel, which thanks to its shape and material, can easily adapt to any reinforcements eventually necessary.The façades, covered in zinc-titanium and photovoltaic panels, exhibit longitudinal slits that light up at night using the solar energy stored during the day, lending to the spire a visibility and a spectacular effect never seen before. The same structure and type of covering can also be applied to the remaking of the roofs which, though remaining mainly opaque so as not to interfere with the natural brightness of the rose windows and other existing stained-glass windows, can become technological elements for producing energy.

Silvia ZanettiSilvia ZanettiSilvia ZanettiSilvia Zanetti

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