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Trees! Design Competition

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Birger Schneider , Norman Kamp, Maria Gerbaulet

KONTURE (Duesseldorf)

ID: 208

Designer's Choice Award

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ID: 208
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"Nature to go-Pots" bring colour and nature to dreary streets and squares by being placed at the bottom of traffic lights, street lamps or street signs. The pot can be fixed on objects with various circumferences with an adjustable tape clamp. It has two main features combined in a small powder coated metal tube, starting next to the pot with a scale and ending inside the pot next to the roots to measure the moisture. The moisture is measured in an easy to read scale, so that the people passing know immediately by quickly checking whether the tree needs water or not.

The idea is that out of the quantity of people in the streets a few start to care for the little trees, help the seedling grow in the pot and reaching a certain height, which is marked by a red metal rod. The growing process can be followed on a scale for example on the daily way to work. By creating a "Nature to go-Festival" at one point of the year, the people have the chance to take the already grown and more resistible tree, they already cared for, out to nature, out to their backyards, rooftops or other possibilities they can offer. There are various pots, with one main colour for the pot itself and one for the rather functional parts in powder coated metal. First of all "Nature to go-Pots" will make the cities become more colorful and in reaction greener.

How will your design encourage more people or cities to grow trees?

The design will help cities and people to grow more trees by letting them get in contact with the first steps of growing. The pot encourages people to take action and to take care whenever its needed by the little tree. So whenever it needs water, or needs to be taken out to nature at one certain point people are asked to do so. The design helps our streets become more friendly, creating a stronger connection between the people and their urban surrounding and the will to plant trees and make the planet green again.

Birger Schneider , Norman Kamp, Maria GerbauletBirger Schneider , Norman Kamp, Maria GerbauletBirger Schneider , Norman Kamp, Maria GerbauletBirger Schneider , Norman Kamp, Maria Gerbaulet

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