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Trees! Design Competition

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Huy Pham

ID: 203

Designer's Choice Award

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ID: 203
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The process of tree planting in urban and suburban settings has many constraints including underground real estates. Both trees and underground utilities are fighting for theses limited spaces between roads and buildings.The climbing cable is a design solution that encourage strategic uses of above-ground electric cables to connect electricity with trees. Even though trees do not use electricity but many of urban streetscape and furniture do. By enhancing exposed cable appearance, the climbing cable allows electricity-based applications for trees such as signage, city information, street WiFi, lighting solutions and more. The climbing cable help camouflage exposed electric cable with a vine-like weatherproof exterior.

How will your design encourage more people or cities to grow trees?

As most landscape plans are designed based on engineer design for underground utilities, the climbing cable now can provide the solution to the engineers to make changes to the underground layout without sacrificing the design or tree plantings. On the other hand, the climbing cable create opportunities for creative design application of technology into the future smart cities and urban developments.

Huy PhamHuy PhamHuy PhamHuy Pham

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