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Stef Luijten

Interpretation of architectural design is quite personal. Therefore, in my view a designer should not elaborate too much on meaning, intention, or interpretation of a design. So, I will only give a brief description of the construction and my thought process: • The roof will be restored in its original state, I don't see value in changing the roof.

• The peak and cross can be prefabricated and hoisted in place with a crane.

• The peak is a contemporary version of flying buttresses, a distinct Gothic style characteristic.

• The four sides of the peak will have the same width as the existing flying buttresses (about 0.45 m).

• The external material used in this design is polished copper cladding, using large sheets to minimize the amount of seams.

• The load bearing construction of the peak and cross can be manufactured from a light material (e.g. alumina, or wood).

• The copper cladding will oxidize over the years, gradually changing the appearance of the peak and cross, from bright and shiny to weathered green.

• Notre-Dame de Paris is a catholic church. The 13.4 meter tall Christian cross, the main symbol of Christianity, is intended to become an iconic part of this church.

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