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Pavleen Singh

This design is made keeping the principles of Gothic Architecture Intact.The concept of this design is based upon creating a structure that does not take away any attention of the cathedral’s beauty, but compliments it in its own ways.The shape of the design includes complex geometries, containing multiple vaults and arches joined together by steel ribs. As the structure stands on these ribs only, the translucent covering of it is done by military grade fabric, having photovoltaic properties.Hence, it is a permanent structure, but it acts like a temporary structure as it can never take place of what has been lost in the fire.The usage of the roof area is proposed to be a memorial for the lost earlier architectural masterpiece of the roof which once stood there. Half the floor will not be covered, to enable people to pay their respects. As the Gothic architecture of the 13th Century resembled the latest construction technology of that time, retaining the elements from earlier style of churches. This design also portrays how new structures can be made so lightly and beautifully with the advancement of building industry.The ribs, colour, shape of the structure, the aerial spatial characteristic, all resemble the elements of Gothic Architecture, but with a new perspective.

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