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George Tabet


To rebuild Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral in such a way as to emphasize its History, its eminence in the annals of French Culture and to commemorate the heroic role played by those who saved itDesign .The reconstruction of the roof and the construction of a new shell like fiery flame/flambeau spiral spire that eludes to:     The reconstruction of the main roof utilizing modern and traditional techniques with a view to environmental considerations and the reinstatement of the figurative sculptures previously surrounding the spire    The Shell like spire as a mark of rebirth (as in the birth of Venus)    The Spiral form representing the creation of nations (as in the Tower of Babel and France’s eminent role in the propagation of its language and culture globally)    The Flame/Flambeau shape as eternal life and recalling the martyrdom of Joan of Arc    The Sword Cross of Joan of Arc as a symbol of the Faith, Courage and Sacrifice of the French Nation    The Conical shaft that draws the spirit to heaven from the sculpture feature at the  intersection of the nave and transept within the cathedral and culminates at the cross of Joan of Arc at the top of the shaft and spire     A design that also salutes the heroic and story telling ‘Architecture Parlante’of the French architect Etienne-Louis Boullee Execution. In collaboration with French Artists, Sculptures, Craftsmen, Engineers and other professionals to develop the concept and deliver the design and reconstruction of the cathedral by 2024.

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