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Elisabeth Unterweger

My description: new tower construction by NOTRE DAME:for the divine Savior of the world and the miracle of the cathedral NOTRE DAME, and for the fact that the structure of the building, the golden cross and relics were saved despite the fire, is to be built as a tower a four-pillar column with a Grand Cross as a sign of hope for Europe.the tower should be made up of:a) a pillar with stairs (similar to Trajan's column, Rome) see exampleb) a four-pillar column (about 20 meters high).c) Inside the four - pillar column is a spiral staircase, inside the Four-pillar column should rise to the globe.d) The big cross is mounted on the four-pillar column (see drawing)e) the globe with statue of the Virgin Mary (see picture). The globe is about 5 meters high. In the inner space of the globe, a viewing area is to be built in a circlef) on the globe is the statue of Mary = mounted as a sign of Notre DAME. ,g) The statue of Mary is about 7 meters high, consists of the figure of Mary (with the gloriole)

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