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Jason Sun

A fabulous historical building can never be rebuilt; once it was ruined, it died. For the Notre Dame de Paris, recovering the destroyed building is acceptable, rather than rebuilt. No matter what, experiencing the fire for the Notre Dame de Pair is an irreversible hurt in its life. The only thing human can do is to record the happens and try their best to recover it. Like a human skeleton, the one of the Gothic church is so gorgeous to represent the physical and aesthetic function, expressing its unique beauty to the world. Utilizing the shiny metal as the main material in the roof and spire structure, the reflectiveness and dark greyness infer the original and iconic roof. At the top, the two transparent cross-shaped coffins (horizontal and vertical ones) buries the destroyed roof forever, which also could remind the future generations of the unforgettable fire and the luminous past of the Notre Dame de Paris for the good old days.

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