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Bernard Mallat, Tamer Musharbesh, Fadel Makhzoum, Nour Hassoun

The Holy Sprinkler Tower

In an age where time management and efficiency dominate the world, and people are getting ever more disconnected from morality and spirituality, the antiquated infrastructures of religion are not geared to sustain our modern-day demands and practices. Clearly, the faltering upright state of the world hinges on a dire need for an adaptive innovation: the holy sprinkler tower.The design takes a small element of modern fire suppression, and transforms it into a monumental statement, towering in the void where the old spire once stood. Taking advantage of the large footprint of the cathedral, it will utilize rainwater recuperation as well as collect purified water from the nearby Seine river when needed. The water will gather in an underground tank, to be blessed and made holy by the priest during mass.The rooftop of the cathedral will be treated as an outdoor public space where people from all walks of life converge to receive the sublime immeasurable blessing. Every Sunday, as well as on special occasions and holidays, the sprinkler tower will activate and shoot a spray of holy water high over the city, blessing the citizens and visitors. The resulting fine mist will enshroud the cathedral and the area surrounding it, notably boosting the spiritual experience.By fusing a contemporary standpoint with ancient beliefs, the potential realization of this project seeks to restore the sanctified role of the church in modern society, bringing about its enhanced capacity to heighten the divine status of humanity and make Paris holy again.

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