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Ar. Shahnaz Gulshan, CA Himanshu Modi, Sadique Hussain , Rajesh Sharma, Anmol Mathur ,Anjan Kumar Sahu

As kids, when studying French in school, we were taught to sing the popular poem Notre Dame de Paris by Monsieur Nerval. Soon after, our childhood fascination amplified when we took our first trip to Paris and visited the cathedral. Albeit, the cathedral has played a conspicuous role in France’s history, but it made us fall in love long time back.The convulsions were only natural when the throes of the devastation that took place in April struck us. The photos and videos were haunting, as we witnessed an important figure of not just France’s civilisation but world’s history being engulfed in flames. And so, we began brooding. Our ardent research to do justice to the original design led us to develop a façade made up entirely of feathers like skin. The inspiration being the winged representation of the Virgin Mary cited frequently throughout catholic chronicles, colloquially signifying a notion of Our Lady rising from the ashes.The entire roof façade has been designed keeping in mind the authenticity of the original cathedral that dominates the Paris skyline. Since it's considered as a nucleus, an epitome of the fundamental force of the nation, we studied the immediate environment, culture ethos, innovation and other challenges of our time. This is how we envisage Notre Dame de Paris.

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