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Roxana Zabeti Targhi - Mehrnaz Kiazadeh

“The most important issue for redesigning the burned part of Notre Dame is preserving historical values.” we think, so as this building is one of the national and cultural manifestations of France and Paris .Moreover this building is visited by millions of people every year, we decided to add spaces such as sightseeing area, storks selling and cafe. As the number of sending documents were limited, we just sent one of the interior renders but we have mentioned all of these parts in one design .In designing of the roof of Notre Dame, we were loyal to Gothic Architecture lines and we only added transparent tapes to it which are aligned to the buttresses and keeps the rhythm in exterior view of the building. This rhythm of lines in interior celling may lessen the length of walking path by its graphic. And also let the light in (the floor is covered by white ceramic flooring.)In this design the entrance is from the turrets to split space and then there is a strolling path which has storks selling souvenir and cultural stuffs and cafes. This path ends up in belfry . Galleries are in 2 lateral wings of crossed space. Furthermore final space is sightseeing area wide to “Seine river ”and Paris where visitors may rest in and have what they took from cafes.

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