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Massimiliano Orzi

Impermanent Monument

After the fire of April 15th at Notre Dame de Paris, we find ourselves asking what the meaning of today's monument is. This proposal questions the relevance of Permanence. The21st-century monument should embrace change, uncertainty, and be able to activate public space by engaging with people in novel ways. The proposal considers the French Senate's ruling to restore the roof to its former state, and arguably the majority of Parisians agree with this decision. Heritage experts warn that restoring the Cathedral will be so complicated that it could take ten years or more to be rebuilt, despite talks to achieve this by the 2024Olympics. Can we think of a monument with a duration of a decade?

The project transforms the scaffolding, which usually would only have the utilitarian function of support, into theArchitecture of the sublime experience. As Architects, we have a great opportunity to design a Temporary Structure; that augments the Cathedral and interacts with the city of Paris and the world at large. This project values the ephemeral qualities of scaffolding construction and its ability to form spaces, play with light, and act as a canvas to project media. The project would also allow visitors to see the construction progress from a viewing deck within the scaffolding structure.

On the exterior, a tensile skin is applied to this hyper-scaffolding and would work in conjunction with projection mapping technology in order to display images that make us think about the issues of today, stimulating our imagination. People around the world could communicate with Notre Dame by voting for the images online, which will be shown on the Impermanent Monument until the roof and spire will be restored.

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