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Christopher White And Ruel Mendoza

Notre Dame is one of the most famous cathedrals in the world. With the recent fire, the spire and roof were destroyed thus giving the people a chance to redesign and re-imagine one of the most iconic buildings in Paris. Inspiration for this design came from a modern interpretation of the gothic architecture of Notre Dame. THE ROOF The repetitive arch forms create a dynamic feature from the ground as it gradually folds and rises towards the spire. The smooth outer solid shell is juxtaposed with the intricate structure of the stained-glass windows. The roof texture gradiates from light to dark to emphasize its folding motion towards the spire. THE CEILINGFrom within, light cast through the stained glass to create a multi-colored texture that animates the arched ceilings and illuminates the stone walls. As you approach the crossing, natural light filters through revealing the complex organic structure of the spire. This reinforces the colors and textures of the ceiling design. Looking up, the heavenly sky elegantly appears through the spire. THE SPIREInspired by the Holy Trinity, the spire is formed by three distinct pieces that twist and fold towards the sky forming an iconic feature in the Paris skyline. Each piece is white to represent purity, light, and triumph over the devastating fire. Each piece also remains separate allowing light to reflect off the inner copper panels. Bringing natural light into the crossing. At night, the spire flickers like an eternal flame as it becomes a beacon of celebration and triumph. Reflecting the eternal spirit of the people of Paris.

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