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Anastasia Tychinina

When the sacred fire changes the shape or boundaries of cult objects, humanity should remember this. We have no right to evaluate whether it is good or bad, because it was a transformation. With the help of fire, the sky opened. The sun's rays penetrated through the ruined roof structure as love penetrates our hearts. The shapes of the carved cubes as a symbol of human existence. From this form of energy was born our life and passion, but our unity and common work, are able to curb any elements. Gold spires as a symbol of flame. The element of fire carries the form of energy of the sun, heat, peace and creation, but we must learn to manage our desires, not to destroy our culture. On cloudy days, the light from the Notre-Dame Cathedral will be seen through the colorful glass windows of the New roof and will attract people inside. According to my idea the new roof will be made of colored glass. At the intersection of the roof offer the design of the carved cubes and Golden spires.

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