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Danil Korostovskiy

The main concept: In a religious tradition, there is the idea of the tree of life. The concept of our project implies that a steeple represents the tree of life and faith as well as personifies a human. The wood of the steeple is likewise the human body that hiding “the golden interior” (the soul). And in the middle of the Steeple there are golden roots covering the entire roof surface and reaching out each other. The golden roots coming out of the steeple symbolize our blood running through our body and returning to the heart. The roots growing up to the cross serve as a symbol of the faith. These associations are explained by our belief that the faith is our blood that flows inside the human body and without which our body and soul cannot live. Since the Cathedral dedicated to the Virgin Mary, her figure will stand as a large hologram on the main podium. Twelve apostles also can be placed in the form of holograms at each point on the steeple. Holograms in the project are used to reduce the weight of the roof, as well as, to modernize it. By holograms, some main icons also can be projected on various sacred holidays. With the help of this technology, the facade of the Cathedral will change. This attribute will emphasize the uniqueness of the building and its significance in the landscape of Paris.The Cathedral had the problem with insolation (lack of sunlight inside the building). In the project, the problem solved by installing windows with solar panels on the roof. Windows will pass light into the room and store electricity during the day. This energy will be used at night to illuminate the Cathedral. This unique function has its spiritual meaning: the sunlight and its warmth are a divine gift. So, the Cathedral will generate and sustain life (lighting/illumination) with the help of a divine gift.

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