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Caroline Purps & Tom Brennecke

9 p.m.“Have you heard of Notre Dame?”“The one that burnt down?”The fire has left its remarks in history of Notre Dame. Instead of reconstructing the original and making the least out of it, we extinct the fire with electric fire. A structure of lights, visible enough to see, invisible enough to overlook. During daytime, the outlines of the roof are hard to notice, but to notice. The surfaces are filled with skies and other backgrounds. In the night, the outlines are lit up, filling the surface areas with dimmed light. A structure one can adumbrate during the day and carry into execution during the night. Visible for the ones that want to see.We don’t create nights to remember but nights to participate. Getting ritually together and imagining what’s once been one of the most exciting churches in Paris. But it’s not selling itself automatically. The power on the platform will be the power of the light. It can be lit up every night, but only if enough people come together and take care of it. The platform has to be continuously manned; and filled with stories. From the platform on the water, you have all sights you need. A prime position you share with others at one given point in time. But don’t hesitate to leave and instead be part of it tomorrow, when the next ritual starts.Instead of reconstructing we are framing the process. We are operating alongside the border of reality and imagination, allowing each and everyone to trip over the border once in a while.

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