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Jacqueline Green

Notre Dame proposalThis is undoubtedly the greatest opportunity of our time to make a significant religious statement. It should be used wisely.Concept: To unite the religious worldStrategy: The new spire would comprise four blades of steel supported on a circular base that intertwine, spiralling upwards to meet at the point where the old spire had reached, representing a coming together of religions from the four corners of the earth. The existing ceiling would be made safe and retained as a scar in memory of what was there before the fire. The roof would be replaced with glass over the collapsed sections of ceiling with mirrored sides that reflect the light, highlighting the fact that, whatever our religion, we all live, breathe and pray under the same sky. These apertures would allow light to permeate, tracing the interior and giving life to plants in its wake, in recognition that spirit and nature are one and the same.Other religious establishments representing different faiths could also be encouraged to install a window to the sky, in recognition of the above. The cost of this work to be covered by the donations collected for the Notre Dame renovations, as an act of unity.

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