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Iliyar Mukhametov

Over the centuries, the cathedral has undergone many changes, reconstructions and renovations, it had dark and bright days. Many stories were written about the cathedral, it is shrouded in mystery and mysticism. We propose to preserve the general appearance, restore it as it was, while adding a little intrigue, mysticism and mystery. Cover the roof with a special tile which is similar in color and size to the original, but interspersed with crystals that refract and reflect light. In the morning, as the sun rises, the spire lights up, changes its color, the roof follows the changes and the scenario becomes different as well. Depending on the weather, the appearance of the cathedral changes, shining under the bright sun, then becomes gray and gloomy in the rain, and lights up from flashes of lightning. Every day it has a new look and a new mood.

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