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MohammadAli Rayka

The main roof Cladding is inspired by medieval leadlight windows with diamond panes that are installed like clay tiles of pitched roof with arrangement angles from medium to high pitch angle supported by diagonal grids cable structure .Rhombus shape panels in this case are translucent material with iridescent characteristics like pearl shell - holography properties - designer believes this material can be compared to contemporary stained glass.Roof cladding from north, south and west corners will be fixed like former sloped roof while leading to the centre of cathedral at the cross point of two ridge axis from west to east and north to south and vice versa , main roof starts to unknit and create the void in this area . General shape of the new roof is formed with diamond panels exactly tracing former pitched roof’s Silhouette as adopted by Eugène viollet-le-duc in book “ Monographie de Notre-Dame de Paris et de la Nouvelle Sacristie “and for achievement to uniformize diamond panel division on surfaces, surface edges filleted at corners.Steel trusses with champagne colour/paint are placed like Gothic rafters on former pitched roof’s Silhouette as adopted by Eugène viollet-le-duc in book “ Monographie de Notre-Dame de Paris et de la Nouvelle Sacristie “ while the main roof stretches to unknit, Steel trusses simultaneously manipulated with increased height will support the main roof structure .Main spire in the centre of the cathedral is exactly traced on former Flèche Silhouette as adopted by Eugène viollet-le-duc with a 45 meter height and base cone diameter of 7.50 meters and the top cone diameter of 0.60 meters.In this design all of 16 statues are arranged in the 4 levels of the lower part of the new spire.New aspire suspended from the bottom and lower part of this structure has a 20 meters height that will trough inside the cathedral from the transept's collapsed vault and changing the spatial quality of the cathedral. Considering the fact the main cathedral transept's vault has collapsed, to provide support for static loads of suspended Spire designer has decided to install a concrete Compression Ring on the four remaining Transverse ribs of former transept's vault and using 12 attachment points inside the ring for extruding tension cables to be anchored to the lower structure of the new spire; finally this part of structure also has champagne colour/paint.The new spire is divided into 12 parts and from each part four cardinal directions of the main roof from north, south, east and west starts to extrude 2 ribbons of translucent material crossing on steel trusses with multi height tip extended on 8 sides of conical shape spire . Four sides of the spire in four inter-cardinal directions NE, SE, SW, NW remains without cladding and will be used for placing the 16 statues.M.A.Rayka

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