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Arina Moiseeva, Taisiya Strekalova

Any city architecture’s main problems are creating and developing an entire architectural composition.Our project is inspired by the Eiffel Tower shape and textures of the Phylharmonie de Paris. We tried to combine the special features of these two buildings with the colorours and constructive lines of the Notre-Dame The spire rises in the center of the Paris but doesn’t conquer with the other buildings.The concept is done according to the architectural surrounding’s colours and constructive shapes. Such concept emphasizes the beauty of historical site.The spire is done with a light metal construction аnd covered by ivory steel leafs. Supports are placed on existing bearing walls.An observation platform is placed under the intersection of the supports. Visitors can go up to the platform by spiral staircase.The covering of Notre-Dame is a rib vault with matt white glass panels between the ribsThe outter part of the composition looks like a light construction with shining vault. It comes as a backdrop for the architectural landmark.Diffused light coming from the glass vault keeps the relics of the Notre Dame in safe.The concept of the spire represents an entire architectural composition which fits all the surrounding and emphasizes it’s advantages.

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