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Joseph Kawecki

Joseph Kawecki— design accomplishes this trinity:1. A roof garden that preserves resources in a socially climatic way2. A precedent setting cross form that visually and spiritually uplifts 3. A skeletal contemporary roof structure boldly respecting the past Some detailed notes:A new graceful, elegant, cross, soaring upwards to the heavenly sky replaces the former static cross spire setting and sets a precedent for a reinvigorated 21st century 'Lady'This is the 21st century and the 'gold' standard for a socially responsible roof continues to be green, a garden. Replacing the typical gable with an accessible roof deck solves multiple matters. Totally new panoramic vistas are revealed from the street and roof deck; all sides of the two front towers, the south, west and north transepts with their upper rose type windows and from the nave, a gothic glass dome skylight located at the crossings, for abundant, natural daylight.The new roof form respects the past roof by the juxtaposition of a six foot wide, metal gable roof cap reflecting the details of the former peak, constructed onto the top of the double arched girders(as shown in feature detail). The girders follow the layout of the former roof peaks and are supported by thin skeletal metal rafters aligned with the existing buttresses. Beginning from the crossings and continuing to the east apse, the rafters form a skeleton, a reflection of the former structure.This feature isn’t continued from the crossings to the nave, for suggesting the missing roof.Finally, a new continuous decorative but structural railing caps the existing parapet walls for connecting the skeletal rafters and girders.The remaining 16 religious statues that had adorned the base of the former spire, are respected too, by their anchorage to the rail amid the rafters and form a type of Stonehenge setting that is more clearly seen and appreciated from either the roof deck or the street level.

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