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Kourosh Hajizadeh - Amir Hossein Hajizadeh - Marziye Jafari - Pegah Shariatmadari - Mahsa Mohebali - Somaye Arian - Elham Sadat Abtahi

No, the Notre-Dame cathedral will never perish, not by war nor by fire, not even by any worldly disasters. Notre-Dame doesn’t just belong to Paris, it doesn’t belong to France either, rather this building with all of its memories, stories and narratives is connected to people all over the world. Even if you’re the Hunchback of Notre-Dame this church is filled with mystery and life, full of hope for a bright future where regardless of color, creed or religion all of humanity will experience peace.Since long ago, the church has been the connective ring between man and beyond the skies, where God dwelled. Inspiration from an immortal power in the middle of nowhere defined life on earth. Yet life today is more earthly than anything else. The spire isn’t ascending to the sky, it’s exploring the heart of the earth in search of life, to become a vessel for the next generation to grow and stay green.

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