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Sigurd Osterud

This is a simple design to inspire and captivate the human spirit for generations to come. The rising and setting sun would focus through the spire's crystal to flood the roof with the colors of the rainbow, evoking awe and wonder from viewers all around. This would happen at specific times each day and allow pedestrians to position themselves for the event. This natural connection would instill a sense of peace and comfort for onlookers, just as it does for those visiting within the cathedral and gaze upon the beauty of the colored rose windows. The restored roof would serve as a canvas for this illumination. If desired, patterns or painted images could be highlighted at these particular times of day. All this would be orchestrated by the sun, sky and weather. A running waterfall effect could be added over the surface of the spire as well! Imagine the natural wave undulations of prismatic color moving across the roof.

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