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Pedro Alvarez, Bianca Tomé, Julia Cordeiro, José Barauna, Fernando Lima

The project consists of a holographic tower in the place of the original one, lost in the fire, and a lookout, both of them located in the roof of the cathedral, and connected by ramps.The access is made by two ramps, made with metallic structure, that have a comfortable slope, encouraging the walk to the lookout, located in east side of the roof, that provides an outstanding view of the city and the Seine.Notre Dame has architectural elements that were thought of and built from trends. Like the two towers that show small differences, the whole construction comes from a certain time and inserts components so that the cathedral provides small asymmetries and temporal language and not just a single point of view. The contemporary restoration consists in the clear differentiation between historical patrimony and current interventions, the hologram was used to define the temporality of the materiality of the new tower and the materials of the ramp. The hologram is an intervention that does not hurt the plasticity of the cathedral, but shows the intervention at the time of which it belongs. At night, the holographic tower is lit up, using projectors, giving it a futuristic atmosphere, inspired in the cyberpunk scenery, as seen in movies such as Blade Runner and Akira. The holographic images are used in counterpoint with the cathedral, balancing the existent ancient and the futuristic new.

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