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Tarique Ali

As an architect we feel entitled to put our thoughts and vision out there, change the world to a visual experience like none before, but sometimes, just sometimes we need to re-evaluate our roles in the society. The terrible fire accident has happened but what people miss the most is the craftsmanship of the old spire. They associated it with the very few tangible skylines that Paris has had, it is understandable that we should not camouflage an event in the history of a building but by re-questioning ourselves while considering to be in the shoes of a common man, don't you think they would prefer to see what it was like, our world is modernising at an alarming rate a few things are always pleasant to be kept as they were. My design proposal was to only create a platform for the statues of the Notre dame which were displaced a few days before the accident. Arrange them along periphery of the roof with a dark museum under the roof that talks about it glorious history. Let people experience the space that once burnt down not by looking up at the sky but to the depths of the ceiling that withstood time for so long. An experience to feel time and sophisticated craftsmanship.

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