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Rian Beckles

April 15th 2019, the world watched in horror as the historic Notre Dame Cathedral was engulfed in flames. The response by millions to recover this architectural jewel, emphasized an important part of human psyche - the value of memory. Memory is so imperative to us as human beings that the French Senate has made it a legal requirement for the roof to be restored in its last known state. It is with this realization in mind that I propose a design through transitioning materials. My proposal is to use metal roof cladding dipped in Thermochromic paint which change in colour/texture due to the temperature changes in Paris. Thermochromism is the property of substances to change color due to a change in temperature. During the month of the fire(April) average temperatures in Notre Dame ranged between 24.3-25.9 degrees Celsius. The cladding therefore will be designed to transition to a charred burnt texture once the temperature goes above 24 degrees. If the cladding experiences temperatures below 24 degrees Celsius, it would return to the roof's "last known state". This design idea would add another layer of complexity to the storied Notre Dame Cathedral. The idea of the Cathedral reflecting the seasons through its transitional roof, is symbolic of the church having seasons. The cathedral through this proposal would tell a story for generations to come of the day that changed France forever. Always remember!

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