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Ermakova Elizaveta, Pozdeeva Sofia

"Adventure notes" 30.06.2258.48.85341 northern latitude, 2.3488 east longitudes. My parents and I went on vacation on the "Milky Way" Galaxy. As they said the planet "Earth" is our historical homeland, differs in the history and reverent attitude to wildlife. I have never seen so much greenery in one place, only on pics. We visited many places, but Notre-Dame was the most remarkable. The first impression about cathedral was contradictory. The atmosphere of Hugo’s novel feels here everywhere. Sculptures, stained-glass windows, carved jewelry - an amazing external variety! And only the communicative structures remind us of our ordinary life in 2258. Light metal structure works as the meeting platform for pilgrims from different Galaxies who want to visit a shrine and pray or people who are interested in art or history.Our shuttle docked on one of parking lots. We were walking across the territory and rose by the highest part of cathedral. The membrane roof opens and it is possible to take a walk in the fresh air and to see the gorgeous view from the top. In the evening we visited the evening concert in Notre Dame. The cathedral completely changed in the evening. The platform roof turned into the extended concert hall for thechoir and music. It is the amazing atmospheric place!

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