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Chris Franken, Arjan Onstenk, Juliana Pereira, Gabriela Hernandez, Rodrigo Inostroza

Because for our solution a person should wander from outside to inside, the film is essential to understand the symbol. Please check our website: recapture the essence of the Gothic Cathedral.To inspire each person to find out more about oneself and their responsibility.To let the Fleur de Lis adorn the crown.To look closer and move to the light and dare to look at yourself.To have a remembering new Gothic symbol of the Cathedral to take home and to cherish forever.The Gothic spirit is not about making a statement, it's about inspiring a question.The Eiffel Tower is there for the view, the out-sight; Notre-Dame is there for in-sight.Thus Notre-Dame de Paris should never be turned into an attraction.The Gothic spirit that may lead us through our suffering:The Gothic cathedral is deeply committed to a persistent conquest of the void of our existence.If we fully realize when restoring, we will walk an adventurous path where our fingertips will almost touch the fingertips of those who have gone before us in wisdom and in love.Why she comforts us?Long before internet reduced our world and loneliness became more and more a part of our lives, the Earth was rougher and many times emptier. As Hariri writes in Homo Deus, until a few decades ago, there were only three things that people had to deal with each day: • The fight against dying of hunger,• The fight against dying from diseases, • The fight against the sword that kills.These scourges constantly plagued human existence. Even though times are different, still for everyone a search for light is a fundamental desire. Every person wants to look for the essence of their existence. To find that germinating seed, which can also be called “hope”. If the circumstance of humanity is described in one sentence, it is that throughout all ages, mankind, living in darkness has an infinite desire for enlightenment.The search for the light: “The Fleur de lis”, the Lily, which richly adorns the Gothic cathedral, is the flower that has been a comforting symbol since ancient Egypt. From the dark muddy misery of the deep river, the Lily “knows” that the effort to search for the light may deliver redemption and enchanting beauty.Should we succeed to hear that the real spirit of the Gothic has been trying to make it clear to us for many centuries that beauty is found precisely when we transcend the tradition of the material. This is the moment to listen to what the wind through the Notre-Dame has always been whispering. The solution would connect us more than ever. If we dare to reach to that fingertip, the solution will be found. What the Gothic Cathedral and thus Notre-Dame whispers is: In the search for the light; in your life, deep in yourself, your highest judge, will always see you. What we see outside we will try to explain when we go inside towards the light.

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